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    Med—Op Aesthetic Technologies specialises  in developing and delivering technologically advanced and high quality

    aesthetic treatment solutions to aestheticians and beauty salons worldwide.

    With nearly thirty years of experience in the industry and an enormous depth of clinical knowledge, Med—Op is able to offer technologically advanced solutions that deliver optimum results. In fact, Med—Op has elevated the efficiency of beauty treatments, delivering a safer, more effective and more comfortable solution for the patient, while maximizing revenue potential for the clinician. Med—Op is steadfast in its commitment to bring new product innovations to the market through continued investment in research and development.

    By developing advanced technologies, Med—Op is able to offer solutions to clinicians that wish to deliver safe, effective and profitable treatments to their patients. Running parallel in importance with innovative technology, is the belief that Med—Op’s solutions should easily integrate into the customer’s practice, be easy to use and address patients needs. Only in this way will the technology benefit customers. As such, Med—Op’s solutions are optimized to provide better, more effective and faster treatments.

    Looking to the future, Med—Op is planning to reinforce its position in the marketplace by working closely with our clients to provide the most advanced solutions. By developing its cutting-edge technology and high quality solutions, Med—Op will increase its footprint on existing markets and penetrate new markets as well.

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