• Dermo Flash C

    Utilizing rapid pulse light technology and
    incorporating Med-Op’s revolutionary
    NCPL™ (No Contact Pulse Light) system, the
    Dermo Flash C is ideal for fast and efficient
    hair removal, skin rejuvenation and acne
    Due to advanced design and technology, the NCPL™ system is able to cover a larger
    area of skin in a relatively much shorter time and also without the use of gel. A range
    of treatment heads is available for treating different areas of the body. Special heads are
    available for treatment of small areas, like the lips and bigger heads are available for
    treatment of larger areas.
    Complementing the flash light technology with an “After Light Thermolysis” application,
    which uses a needle for white hair removal  and for treatment of all types of coagulations,
    like Couperose (red veins). The needle incorporates Med-Op’s Fade-In Feature,
    which gradually heats the layers of skin and by that significantly reducing discomfort. The
    Dermo Flash C is a lightweight, portable treatment center that uses advanced
    technology for best treatment results and enables aestheticians to treat more patients
    in shorter time and as such, increase their revenue potential.
    Advantages and Benefits:
    Lightweight and Compact Streamlined to deliver
    ultimate convenience
    Portable Easy to operate and maneuver
    Easy to Use color LCD screen and user friendly
    Gel Elimination No gel required enabling a healthier,
    painless treatment
    Rapid Power Generation Rapid recharge time of
    light pulses allows greater skin surface area to be
    Time and Energy Efficient rapid pulse lights, greater
    area of skin covered, less cooling time required
    Safety Meets international safety standards
    (including CE Medical and FDA)
    High Satisfaction High patient and clinical staff

    Mains 230 Volts +/- 5%, 50/60 Hz
    Power 90 Watts. 12 Amp peak (10 msec)
    Weight 15 Kg
    Dimensions L 57; W 40; H 26 cm
    Operation With key and foot switch
    Lamp 2 units Xenon
    Cooling Air
    Inter flash timing
    1 sec
    Flash output:
    Hair removal 20 to 95 J.
    Acne 30 to 40 J.
    Rejuvenation 36 to 44 J.

    Flash spectrum:
    Hair removal 520 to 1200 nm
    Acne treatment 410 to 1200 nm
    Rejuvenation 640 to 1200 nm





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