twinlight RF Flash device hair removal

    Combination of two technologies delivers safe, fast and efficient hair removal


    Hair removal device TST

    TST Hair Removal Device


    The Dermo Flash TST provides an ideal mix of flash light technology for various
    treatment purposes; a Thermolysis unit (needle application) and a soft laser.

    combination of two technologies delivers safe, fast and efficient hair removal (rapid
    pulse), treatment of different skin disorders and a solution to anti-aging, in a most comfortable way. The rapid light pulse rate enables a large area of skin to be covered and significantly
    reduces the treatment time.

    The absence of gels in treatments give the skin possibility to breathe more easily during treatment procedures, notably minimizing discomfort.
    Special heads are available for treatment of small areas, like the lips, and bigger heads
    are available for fast treatment of larger surfaces.

    Hair removal device TST

    Advantages and Benefits:

    Lightweight and Compact Streamlined to deliver
    ultimate convenience
    Portable easy to operate and maneuver
    Easy to Use color LCD screen and user friendly

    Gel Elimination No gel required enabling a
    healthier, painless treatment
    Rapid Light Pulse Rate 0.7 sec pulse rate, which
    is currently the quickest and most powerful pulse
    rate available in the industry.

    Rapid Power Generation Rapid recharge time
    eliminates long pauses between light pulses
    allowing for greater skin area to be covered Time
    and Energy Efficient Rapid pulse lights, greater skin
    area covered, less cooling time required

    Safety Meets international safety standards
    (including CE Medical and FDA)
    High Satisfaction High patient and clinical staff

    Mains230 Volts +/- 5%, 50/60 Hz
    Power100 Watts. 12 Amp peak (10 msec)
    OperationWith key and foot switch
    Weight22 Kg
    DimensionsL 58; W 36; H 26 cm
    Flash window energy and spectrum 
    Hair removal – Lip headUp to 20 J. @ 520 to 1200 nm
    Hair removal – Standard headUp to 85 J. @ 520 to 1200 nm
    Hair removal – Large  headUp to 100 J. @ 520 to 1200 nm
    Acne25 to 35 J. @ 410 to 1200 nm
    Rejuvenation40 to 50 J. @ 620 to 1200 nm
    Head coolingAir
    Fast pulse flash timing0.8 sec
    Standard flash timing3 sec
    Flash window energy and spectrum
    Hair removal – Lip head
    Hair removal – Standard head
    Hair removal – Large  head
    Head cooling
    Fast pulse flash timing
    Standard flash timing
    Needle frequency2.1 Mhz
    Needle power outputup to 12w
    Needle frequency
    Needle power output
    Soft Laser
    Soft laser output2 mW, uncollimated, 675 nm
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