• Twinlight RF Flash

    Twinlight RF Flash

    twinlight_RF Flash device

    The Twinlight RF Flash is a friendly, computerized system with large LCD screen


    twinlight RF Flash device hair removal

    Twinlight RF Flash hair removal

    Utilizing rapid pulse light technology for Hair Removal and Skin treatments 

    incorporating Med—Op’s revolutionary NCPL™.
    (No Contact Pulse Light) system, combined
    with face and body shaping and tightening by
    using the R F treatment technique, the
    TWINLIGHT FLASH is ideal for high speed,
    super quality treatments. The machine that will
    become your right hand assistant.

    Due to advanced design and technology, the NCPL™ system is able to cover a larger area of skin in shorter time, using high speed flash pulses, without the use of gel, for the Hair Removal program: making treatments fast, yet highly effective. A range of treatment heads is available for treating different Hair Removal areas of the body. Special heads are available for treatment of small areas, such as
    lips, treatment of larger surfaces. Three special skin treatments uses handles for Acne treatment, Skin rejuvenation and Nail Fungus treatments.


    The R F treatment is based on the Monopolar handle and the Bipolar handle that is combined with Soft Laser and Linear Light for the treatment of face and body; shaping, rejuvenating and tightening the skin and tissue. By using the TWINLIGHT you can grow at your own pace. The bottom line: When you enlarge your clinic’s variety of treatments, you make more money. Advantages and Benefits: Lightweight, compact and streamlined to deliver ultimate convenience.

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    twinlight RF Flash device 2
    Mains230 Volts i5%, 50/60 Hz.
    Power90 Watts. 12Amp. Peak (10 msec.)
    Fuse6,3A (internal) S.B.
    Lamp2 units Xenon.
    Screen8″ LCD Touch control
    ControlDTCT”‘ — Double Touch Control
    Inter pulse duration1 sec. for hair removal.
    Flash outputHair removal 20 to 95 J. for window. Respectively to treatment head type
    Acne25 to 35 J.
    Rejuvenation38 to 44 J.
    Flash spectrumHair removal: 520 to 1200 nm.
    Acne treatment410 to 1200 nm.
    Rejuvenation640 to 1200 nm.
    R F frequency2.1 MHZ.
    R F treatmentBipolar and Monopolar systems.
    R F powerUp to 50 w
    Soft Laser spectrum675 nm.
    OperationWith key and foot switch

    Advantages and Benefits:
    – Portable, easy to operate and maneuver.
    – Easy to use LCD screen with a user friendly interface
    – Gel elimination. No gel is required, offering a more healthier, comfortable and painless treatment
    – Time and energy efficient rapid pulse lights for a greater area of skin to be covered
    – Monopolar, Bipolar and Soft Laser used for RF treatment
    – High satisfaction, high patient and clinical staff satisfaction

     img1_TLF img2_TLF
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