• Hair Removal

    Hair removal Treatments

    With the growth in popularity of hair removal, for both women and men, the ability to treat a large number of patients and yet provide tremendous results is becoming crucial.

    Due to Med-Op’s advanced design and technology, the unique NCPL™ system is a standard with Med-Op’s Twinlight and Dermo Flash device range. Using this system, the treatment covers a very large skin area for shorter time with no contact with the treated area. The treatment is highly effective, and needs no use of gel during the treatment, a very important fact for the patient wellness and the practitioner.

    4 treatment handles are selectable for the hair removal program, from the smallest, the Lip head, having 2 cm2 of treatment area  to the biggest, the Grand having 24cm2 of treatment area.

    Using the large optical opening for treatment and using the high speed flash rhythm,  one pulse per second, the Twinlight and the Dermo Flash devices are very efficient for large treatment area, with very short effective treatment time.



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