• RF treatments

    RF treatments

    Facial tonus enhancement
    Tighter, younger looking skin around the face and neck that looks great on you

    If you want to beat the signs of time and look young and full of life and energy all over again. Med-Op’s face tonus strengthening and lifting treatment tightens the skin, renewing it and make tired loose skin disappear. The face skin goes back to its young, healthy and stretched original look, just like you wanted. The results look great on you.

    Before we developed, we researched.

    Over the years, retreat of the face tissue volume is caused by the slowing down of the Collagen and muscle and tissue cells production. These processes lead to muscle weakness that causes them to descend and the face tonus to fall. The result is a tired, loose and old looking face skin.

    Amazing results, fast and efficient

    Med-Op developed two platforms that dramatically tone down the aging signs and emphasize your face’s young looking skin:


    A multi-treatment platform, combining the most advanced technologies in face tonus treatments:

    – RF treatment with Monopolar and Bipolar technologies.

    – Ultra-Sound treatment with variety of applications for a wide spectrum of treatment solutions.

    – Pulsed Vacuum treatment encourages tissue activity and improves the quality of results, using a special technique.

    – Special RF application for surgical aesthetic treatments.


    These technologies integrated into Med-Op’s STAR LIFT platform will mainly result in Collagen renewal, better lymphatic drainage and flow, skin tightening and an enlargement of the face tissue volume.



    This innovative platform includes a unique and revolutionary hand piece that combines 3 elements that dramatically influence the face skin tonus treatment. From the skin surface to deep into the tissue, it enables you to enjoy quality treatments combining Radio Frequency RF and Light RLT (Reflecting LED Technology) technologies.

    The RF waves transmit assigned heat deep into the tissue while combined with light and laser energy. That’s why they are more efficient in treating and renewing tissue and muscle cells and enhancing the Collagen.

    Personalised treatment

    Beyond the innovation in developing these two platforms, by doing a pre-treatment diagnosis these different methods allows the treatment to be customized to suit the client, so you can be sure you are getting the amazing results you’re expecting.

    The bottom line: before you decide on a face tonus strengthening and lifting treatment, make sure it’s Med-Op.



    Lymphatic massage therapy

    A Lymphatic massage will aid the detoxification of the body, reduce any Edema and the discomfort it causes giving a relaxing feel and bring back the elasticity to the skin all over again. Using RF technology, Med-Op’s lymphatic massage treatment cleans your body from toxics, while tightening and renewing the skin color, giving a consistent texture and fresh look. All the stress, skin marks and discomfort disappear. The results will amaze you.

    Before we developed, we researched.

    The source of the lymphatic fluid is in the blood. Its role is to defend the blood from bacterial infections and foreign objects and to mediate the nourishing substances transfer to the cells and transferring the waste from the cells to the blood. The lymphatic fluid is composed mainly of water, salts, protein and electrolytes and it also contains white blood cells belonging to the immune system.

    The lymph nodes, found in the lymphatic vessels, act as biological filters purifying the lymphatic fluid to prevent bacteria and foreign objects to transfer to the blood. They also generate antibodies and lymphocytes – white blood cells supporting the destruction of bacteria and foreign objects in the body. By doing so, they protect us from disease agitators like bacteria and cancer cells.

    A lack of balance between filtering the cell’s fluids and its absorption by the lymphatic system is causing a fluid excess between the cells. A large amount of fluids not absorbed in the lymphatic system floods the tissue. The rising pressure causes the skin to stretch and the tissue to swell, resulting edemas. Combining the lymphatic treatment with treating health problems and cosmetic treatments will result faster healing, better substance absorption and improved blood and lymphatic fluid flow.

    Personalised treatment

    Lymphatic fluid problems can cause different effects to different people. That’s why we perform a pre-treatment diagnosis, so we can adjust the treatment’s level, areas and length to you personally.

    The bottom line: before you decide on lymphatic massage treatment, make sure it’s Med-Op.



    cellulite is a popular term to describe fat deposits under the skin. It is characterized by a dimpled or orange-peel appearance, due to structural changes underneath the skin’s top layer. Cellulite is a perfectly normal and harmless condition and is mostly a women’s problem

    Cellulite is not a hopeless condition and there are a number of laser treatments that can be used for the elimination of cellulite. These include Vacuum Pulse, RF and Ultrasound.

    Vacuum Pulse

    The Vacuum-Pulse treatment heads apply ‘negative pressure’ to lift the skin and massage the venous and lymphatic systems thereby stimulating the lobules of cellulite deposits trapped under the skin. The intensity of the suction is adjustable to suit different areas of the body. Low suction is used when treating sensitive areas such as the face and neck for skin toning. Higher suction levels are used specifically to target problem areas such as thighs and buttocks.

    Radio Frequency

    Radio Frequency is able to deliver energy to the deep dermis and sub-dermal layers of the skin, whilst protecting the epidermis. Heating in this area, without damaging the outer layers of skin, causes microscopic changes to the tissues and collagen contraction, with subsequent collagen remodeling over the months that pass. Using a monopolar device, physicians are able to provide a deep controlled penetration depth of the RF energy for fat reduction and cellulite treatment.


    High frequency sound waves are produced by the ultrasound machines. The sound waves go deep inside the area affected with cellulite. This heats up the area forcing more blood to go into the tissues and this helps to alleviate cellulite deposits. A sound head that is moved in strokes or circles is used around the cellulite area. It only takes a few minutes.

    Physicians looking to provide the best cellulite treatment to their patients would consider the Star Lift which provides both RF and Ultrasound technology for the treatment of cellulite.



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