• NCPL™ – Hair Removal Without Contact !

    Light transmission in IPL and NCPL™  machines

    The basic operation method of machines for hair removal using the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

    The black pigment in the hair and the hair follicle receives the radiation and changes it into heat. This heat creates the coagulation process, which causes the removal of the hair and prevents the growth of new hair. The light has wide spectrum range of visual and infra-red light produced by special Xenon filled lamps.

    Two main kinds of machines are using the IPL system technology:
    1. Machines in which the filter is in contact with the treated area. (Usually where the lamp compartment is water-cooled).
    2. Machines in which there is no contact with the treated area. (Usually the lamp compartment is air-cooled).

    In the water cooled machines the lamp compartment needs to be completely sealed to prevent the water from pouring out.
    In order to make the light energy transferred into the treated area, there is a filter in front of the light source, usually made from transparent plastic material. During the treatment the filter is in contact with the treated area and the light energy flow through it.

    In the air-cooled machines, there is no buffer between the light source and its filter to the treated area. In this case, the light radiation operates in the treated area without any contact.
    In the machines where the filter is in contact with the treated area, the filter is at room temperature. This filter does not get heated, due to its specifications that are for maximum transmitting of radiation, (since the filter has better transmitting characteristics it heats less). In this machine, the hair will lose most of the heat because of the contact with the filter whose temperature is much lower than the heated hair and its weight is much higher than the hair.

    In the machine where there is no contact with the treated area, by using the NCPL™ system, the energy produced by the light source is fully transmitted to the treatment area, without the losses caused by contact of the light passing elements.

    By using machines where there is no contact with the treated area, machines that are using the NCPL™ system, the energy needed is significantly lower for the hair removal procedure. In comparison to machines operating with contact to the treated area, which are in need for much more energy, approximately 5 times more (average of x5), in compare with NCPL™ system, and that to complete the losses due to the contact of the filter with the hair.


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