• Capillaries treatment – Couperose


    You want to make the capillaries disappear and bring the esthetic clean look back to your skin. Med-Op developed a method based on RF technology that show results right after the treatment. You arrive with capillaries and leave without. It’s painless and doesn’t leave marks but leaves you with smiles and confidence. The results look great on you

    Before we developed, we researched.

    No matter the age, most of us suffer from prominent capillaries in the face and chest. These capillaries gives the skin un-esthetic ruddy look and us the lack of self-confidence. This phenomenon, called Couperose, is not a skin disease and not affected by the skin type, even though people with bright, gentle and thin skin tend to suffer from it more than people with darker skin. Women tend to show Couperose sign after giving birth. Another interesting fact is that the Couperose tends to pass by heredity.

    Giving the right treatment right after the Couperose appears can stop this phenomenon, prevent its worsening and even improve the situation dramatically. First there is a need to diagnose the skin to find the problem’s source. According to alternative medicine, this symptom can be caused by the lack of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, by a problem in the digestive system’s absorption and problem in the blood system, like high blood pressure. Mental reasons like stress, pressure and anxiety can also cause the capillaries to expand.

    Amazing results, fast and efficient

    Med-Op understand that you want to see immediate results and developed a method based on diathermy for treating capillaries in the upper body area, like the face and chest. The treatment is carried out using 2.1 MHz RF technology, causing the capillaries and blood vessels to solidify the moment the treatment is over. In other words, when you choose Med-Op’s treatment you know you arrive with capillaries and leave… without!

    Everybody has a different skin type, that is why the treatment is customized to suit the client after a pre-treatment diagnosis. The diagnosis ensures you’ll get the best treatment possible and Med-Op’s amazing results. The bottom line: before you decide on a capillaries treatment, make sure it’s Med-Op.

    Apart from amazing results, the treatment is painless and doesn’t leave any marks on the skin

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