• Twinlight RF

    Twinlight RF

    The perfect Anti-Aging treatment

    twinlight RF device

    The Twinlight RF Flash is a friendly, computerized system with LCD scree


    rf twinlight handle

    Twinlight RF Treatment 


    Here’s a profitable chance to take advantage of your success
    and reputation and add skin rejuvenation and tightening to
    your clinic’s variety of treatments. TWINLIGHT, Med-Op’s
    innovative platform combines RF technology with Laser for
    various skin treatments with a large variety of head pieces.
    With TWINLIGHT you can grow at your own pace.
    Bottom line: when you enlarge your clinic’s variety of
    treatments, you make more money.


    Your Beautiful profit:
    More efficient skin treatments in one platform

    Mains115-230 Volts +/- 5%, 50/60 Hz
    Power230 Watts
    Operation with key and foot switch 
    Weight12 Kg
    DimensionsL 60 cm; W 39 cm; H 22 cm
    Power outputUp to 35 Watts
    Frequency2.1 MHz
    PolarityBipolar; Monopolar
    OperationAutomatic on contact

    Frequency2.1 MHz
    Power outputUp to 12W
    Shank0.8 mm
    Soft Laser
    Wave length675 nm Uncollimated




    twinlight RF device




    No more invasive treatments, No Pain, No need to use needle neither Hyaluronic acid nor other materials.   

    Continues RF technology with high density.
    Effective with best results.


    Less time treatments
    Reduce costs
    More comfortable Both for the attendant, therapist and patient

    Less pain
    No burn sign on the skin
    No need for Gel

    Short time treatments
    More patient in less time
    More income

    Enable to adjust to the right spectrum according the skin color and treatment program.

    Reduce 70% of the treatment pain

    No more invasive treatments, No Pain, No need to use Hyaluronic acid nor other materials.  

    Ceramic materials are more hygienic
    Handle are more comfortable to use and  have light weight

    More comfortable treatments, easy to use handles.


    No need to switch devices for these treatments.
    Can treat all colors for hair removal with one device

    Light weight and easy to use


    Fewer treatment sessions.
    Fast tratments
    More incom

    Able to cover all handle surface.
    Integration of intensive Ultrasound and RF technology for face, upper and lower body

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