The perfect Anti-Aging treatment


    With B-Young you can  deliver new and unique external treatments 


    No more invasive treatments, No Pain, No need to use needle neither Hyaluronic acid nor other materials 



    B- Young is next generation device for Anti-Aging treatments

    A breakthrough in the Aesthetic world – With B-Young you can  deliver new and unique external treatments such as Lips plump up & wrinkles elimination using continues RF technology
    No more invasive treatments, No Pain, No need to use needle neither Hyaluronic acid nor other materials.          

    In addition, the treatment of RF (radio waves) contributes to the dissolving of soft fats – a procedure in which the precise heating of the RF frequency is transferred to the soft fats in the layers under the tissue and dissolves them. The fats break down, drain through the acceleration of the lymphatic system, and are removed from the body.

    Therefore, the treatment contributes to slimming and firming.

    Handle for Lips Plump Up and wrinkles elimination

    Using a special handle with unique metal probe and sophisticated continues RF technology, lips plump up and wrinkles elimination treatments can be delivered.

    By transmitting the right energy and special RF frequency to the lips tissue, immediately after the first treatment, you can see the changes in the lips color, contour and thickness.

    After series of 4 to 6 sessions, it is possible to achieve the best results.

    Every 4-5 months another one-time treatment is required to maintain the great lips shape and color. 

    In addition, it is possible to eliminate deeper wrinkles on the skin, grooves and cracks in the facial skin. The wrinkle itself diminished between five and seven treatments, the result of which was already evident in the first treatment.



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