• Starlift

    Med-Op’s Star Lift solution is a powerful and portable all-in-one treatment center.

    The Star Lift is a multiple technology platform that combines Radio Frequency, Ultrasound and Pulsed Vacuum to deliver a comprehensive range of non-invasive and virtually painless aesthetic applications including body contour shaping, cellulite removal, treatment of acne and sun damaged skin, rejuvenation (anti-aging), healing of red veins (Couperose) and a variety of skin imperfections. The Star Lift combines classical techniques with modern ones to achieve optimum treatment results.

    Star Lift provides the perfect multi-technology platform that delivers a firmer and younger looking skin in a safe, fast, painless and comfortable way.

    The Star Lift is a comprehensive device for a multitude of treatments including:

          • Cellulite removal & Body shaping

    • Regeneration of collagen

    • Fat reduction and skin tightening

    Skin Tightening & Anti-Aging Treatments

    • Softens scars

    • Improves skin tone

    • Increases skin elasticity

    • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles

    Skin Cleansing and Regeneration

    • Exfoliates the top layer of the skin

    • Increases blood circulation

    • Regenerates cells

    • Soothes inflammation and speeds wound healing

    • Boosts moisture retention of the skin

    Skin Treatment

    • Reduces acne scars

    • Removes wrinkles

    • Improves sun-damages skin

    • Treats rosacea

    • Lightens abdominal stretch marks

    The Star Lift incorporates a number of technologies to deliver optimal results:

    Radio Frequency

    Radio Frequency (RF) energy is produced via an electric current, rather than a light source, which can penetrate deep into the dermis (3 mm to 6 mm) and subcutaneous tissue, heating, altering and stimulating the production of collagen over time and subsequently tightening tissue.


    When a conventional facial massage is given, the hands provide an average of three vibrations per second; ultrasound gives three million vibrations per second. This high-frequency massage can help soften scars, improve skin tone and increase skin elasticity.

    Ultrasound creates friction and increases local heat, resulting in intense activity of skin cells. By this, the production and quality of collagen and elastin increases and by that skin strengthening with higher tonus . Increased temperature also stimulates the blood flow to the area, bringing with it more oxygen and nutrients for healing. Another benefit of increased blood flow is an increased lymph flow, removing toxins and waste products.

    This simple technique works by slightly wetting the skin with a de-ionized solution and then a spatula is passed over the skin in order to ’split off’ dead cells. The end result is an immediate clearing and smoothing effect of the skin. Additionally, the three different ultrasound probes work together to actively tighten and solidify the skin.

    Vacuum Pulse

    The Vacuum Pulse treatment heads apply ‘negative pressure’ to lift the skin and massage the venous and lymphatic systems, thereby stimulating the lobules of cellulite deposits trapped under the skin. The intensity of the suction is adjustable to suit different areas of the body. Low suction is used when treating sensitive areas like the face and neck for improved skin toning. Higher suction levels are used specially to target larger areas, such as thighs and buttocks.

    Mains 230 Volts +/- 5%, 50/60 Hz
    Power 180 Watts
    Screen 8” LCD
    Operation With key and foot switch
    Weight 12 Kg
    Dimensions L 58; W 41; H 25 cm
    Frequency Body probe: 1 Mhz
    Chest probe: 2 Mhz
    Face probe: 3 Mhz
    Pulse 4 levels
    Size Body probe: 60 mm diameter
    Chest probe: 40 mm diameter
    Face probe: 20 mm diameter
    Frequency 25 Khz
    Size 25 mm width
    Pulse 4 levels
    Power output Up to 35w @ 600Ω
    Pulse 4 levels
    Frequency 2.1 Mhz
    Polarity Bipolar; Monopolar
    Operation Automatic on contact
    Vacuum pulse rates 0.01 to 2 pps
    Vacuum pressure up to 0.55 Bar
    Frequency 2.1 Mhz
    Power output Up to 12w@ 600 Ω
    Shank 0.8mm
    Soft Laser
    Power output 2 mW. Uncollimated
    Wavelength 675 nm
    Advantages and Benefits:
    • All-in-one product A number of treatment techniques available in one product
    • Safety Meets specific Safety Standards
    • High Satisfaction High patient and clinical staff satisfaction
    • Ease of UseEasy to operate
    • Lightweight and portable delivering ultimate convenience









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